The great concern of many homeowners is to detect unwanted intrusions on their properties and to control who gains access.

It is normal for you to be concerned too.

Especially if you are tired of constantly getting these kinds of surprises:

  • Unknown vehicles drive onto your property (and you don’t know if it’s someone you trust with another car or a stranger with bad intentions).
  • People sneak in and steal your resources.
  • Vehicles are approaching that could be poachers and you need to know that your animals are safe.
  • You cannot control when workers enter and leave your farm or security guards (you have doubts about their behavior when you are not in front of them).

What is the solution?

Find the best way to avoid unwanted intrusions.

What is the best solution to prevent intrusions on farms and properties?

You spin it, but none of these alternatives is sustainable in the long term:

  • Spending all day at your farm looking out for others (but you can’t do that because you have other things to do and you probably don’t live there).
  • Being uneasy all the time you spend away from your property (and worse: confirming your suspicions that you have been robbed when you arrive).
  • Make a big investment by hiring a lot of security or expensive systems that warn you of intrusion, but do not distinguish between authorized and unauthorized vehicles.

Wouldn’t it be better to be calm at home and receive a warning when an unauthorized person or vehicle sneaks in?

Said and done.

At Renyn Systems we have a surveillance system with artificial intelligence that alerts you when an unwanted person or vehicle sneaks in.

Some time ago we told you why a surveillance system with artificial intelligence is better than other systems, such as video surveillance cameras, photo-trapping cameras or motion sensors (and they are also more affordable).

Today we explain how to control your property with our system that detects intrusions and recognizes license plates.

How Renyn Systems’ artificial intelligence system works to detect intrusions on your farm

At Renyn Systems we have a system to control your farms and be safe.

This system consists of 3 key elements:

  • A surveillance camera with full HD quality (in addition, it adapts to weather conditions).
  • A multi-operator SIM card (which connects to the telephone company that provides coverage).
  • An application that you can download to your cell phone to manage your security from there.

What makes this system different is the artificial intelligence.

These are its advantages:

  1. Capture photos in real time and send them to your device. If someone sneaks onto your farm, you know about it instantly.
  2. Automatically recognizes people, animals, vehicles and license plate numbers.
  3. Automatically tag images to save time and not have to go through them all (you can create the filters and categories you want).
  4. It alerts you by email, message or call when the artificial intelligence detects a person, animal, vehicle or license plate number that matches (or does not match) the criteria you enter.

In addition, you can share it with other authorized members in the application.

Here is an example.

Imagine that only cars with license plates 1111AAA, 2222BBB and 3333CCC have access to your property.

When the camera detects a vehicle with a different license plate, you will receive a notification like this:

Recognition of enrollment
Recognition of enrollment

License plate recognition: the key to detecting intrusions

License plate recognition is Renyn Systems’ strength in detecting intrusions. They use technology similar to traffic cameras to differentiate the license plate from other elements.

We show you how it works below.

The first step is to download the application, install it on your cell phone and synchronize it with your cameras.

Then you must position your camera correctly.

How to position your camera correctly to detect intrusions?

The Cherokee camera has the capability to analyze license plates, but is not specifically designed for this task.

However, it always recognizes the vehicles shown in the photos and automatically labels and recognizes them.

That is why it is important to position it properly:

  1. Choose the right area, where vehicles are traveling at 20 km/h speed (preferably a curve, so that the first thing the camera picks up is the license plate).
  2. Set the camera’s multi-shot mode and set it to send all images.
  3. Try several tests until you are satisfied with the images your camera captures.

Your camera is now ready to detect unwanted vehicles.


Installation of license plate detection camera
Installation of license plate detection camera

How to configure your camera to recognize license plates and receive alerts?

Just follow these steps: 

1. In the menu you will find the option Artificial Intelligence, inside this section select the option license plates. Once here select add new vehicle, then you will be able to define a license plate.

What do we achieve in this way? 

The application analyzes all the images sent to it by the camera on its own, and also tags and organizes them automatically thanks to artificial intelligence.


Application for detecting farm intrusions with artificial intelligence
License plate recognition application to prevent intrusions
License plate recognition application to prevent intrusions

Next, you have 2 options:

2. In the Gallery menu, you can view the photos your camera has taken and filter by the type of photo you want to view. For example, if you want to see which people have accessed your property between X hour and X hour of the day.

3. Or you also have the option to set up an alert so that the application notifies you without you having to worry about anything when one of the criteria you have indicated is met (for example, when a vehicle with the license plate number AAAA111 enters your property).

This can be done from the menu artificial intelligence/warning method.

Photos application to detect intrusions in farms
Vehicle intrusion detection alert for a vehicle on a property

So… how can you take advantage of these artificial intelligence features?

For example, by establishing the time slots in which there are people (the application will alert you when someone enters or leaves outside those hours).

Or also by saving the license plate numbers of employees and regular staff (the application will notify you when a different vehicle enters).

In other words…

The surveillance system with artificial intelligence is the most accurate system for monitoring your property and detecting unwanted intrusions to your property (for example, no unnecessary alarm is triggered when someone who is registered in the application passes by).

You should be aware that the camera will not send images during the image sending times (approximately 4 seconds from the time it takes the picture). This makes it difficult for the camera to recognize the license plates of vehicles that enter your property in close proximity.

Control your farm with this license plate recognition system

You can start right now to control intrusions in your farm.

Our Renyn Systems pack includes:

  • Full HD camera.
  • Access to the Renyn Systems application to carry security in your pocket.
  • Multi-operator SIM card to send photos to the app immediately.

 And you can:

  • Recognize animals, people, vehicles and license plates.
  • Manage and store images in the cloud.
  • Filter images automatically thanks to artificial intelligence.
  • Receive alerts when the camera detects an image that matches a criterion you have specified.
  • Create groups to work and share information and photos with others.

Ask us and we will tell you in detail how it works and how you can install it in your farm!

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