A few years ago it was unthinkable to install cameras in the field and receive the images they captured on your cell phone.

Advances in technology have made it possible to store more photos in the same space and to have coverage in areas where it was previously impossible.

Therefore, you can now use photo-trapping cameras for wildlife monitoring, farm security and hunting.

In this post we tell you how you can take advantage of a trapping camera and discover the alternative we recommend.

What is a photo trapping camera and what is it used for?

Photo trapping cameras are cameras that take pictures when a person, animal or object activates its sensor by passing in front of it.

Most of them are powered by 8 AA batteries (battery life ranges from 3 to 6 months, depending on the features and the number of photos).

Although many people use them for hunting, they have other uses:

Renyn Systems 4G Phototrap Camera

When someone or something passes in front of the camera, it takes a picture that is stored on your SD card.

In the past, you had to travel to the camera location to view the photos, but now most of them work with 3G or 4G and send them directly to your cell phone.

These are the cameras that we focus on in this article (we do not recommend cameras without a feed because they do not allow real-time monitoring of what is happening).

What types of 4G photo trapping cameras are available and which one is best?

We introduce you to conventional and AI-powered 4G photo trapping cameras.

4G photo-trapping cameras with image transmission

4G photo trapping cameras are photo trapping cameras that take the photo, save it to the memory card and send it to you instantly.

These cameras send photos by email or MMS thanks to a SIM card that connects to an antenna of your operator (Movistar, Orange, Vodafone, etc.) to connect to the Internet.

Therefore, images are compressed to reduce their size so that they can be sent.

Please note that you need a SIM card with a tariff with Internet connection.

Here are their pros and cons.

Pros of 4G cameras

These are the main advantages of 4G cameras:

  • You receive the images in real time by email or MMS on your cell phone.
  • In case you need the original photo, the photos are saved in the highest quality on the SD card for your viewing pleasure.
  • In case of theft or loss, you do not lose the images taken because you have been receiving them through the app.

Cons of 4G cameras

While there are pros, there are also drawbacks:

  • Sending images drastically reduces battery life (and the worse the coverage, the more battery drain).
  • The camera is lockedfor approximately 30 secondswhile sending the photo.
  • They are an additional cost apart from the camera. You have to pay a contract with Internet connection and the price may increase even more if the photos are sent by MMS instead of email.
  • They require coverage to send the photos and sometimes the farm is divided by two different operators (increasing costs).

In addition, they are often quite difficult to configure.  Tosuch an extent that sometimes we do not use them because of the difficulty involved.

You must configure the email to receive the photos, the outgoing email and also the APN (quite complex if you are not used to technology).

4G photo trapping cameras with image transmission and artificial intelligence

At Renyn Systems we have created a solution to these problems.

This is how we developed our camera system with artificial intelligence (the first created exclusively for the agroforestry sector).

Renyn Systems photo trapping camera, multi-operator SIM and mobile app

What makes Renyn Systems chambers the ideal alternative

Our surveillance system is more than just a 4G photo trapping camera, as it also includes a mobile application where you can manage everything and a multi-operator SIM card.

We tell you in detail why you will get so much out of it:

  • The cameras operate at the highest 4G speed on the market. Therefore, they are blocked less than 5 seconds instead of 30 seconds from the time they take the picture to the time they send it. This reduces shipping errors and battery waste (you can also save on battery by equipping it with a solar charger instead of AA batteries).
  • The system is intuitive, easy to install and easy to use. Just scan a QR code to set it up and configure it (and if you have any doubts, we can help you).
  • Includes a multi-operator SIM card to connect to the operator available in your area. This ensures that your photos are always sent so you don’t have to worry about the operator available in each area.
  • The cameras are synchronized with an app for the cell phone, where you will receive the photographs and from where you can configure them remotely (without having to go to where they are placed). It also allows you to see how much coverage there is in the area and how much battery they have.
  • The photos are not stored in any way, but the application automatically organizes them by dates, categories or parameters that you select (you go to the point and do not waste time reviewing them all). This is made possible by artificial intelligence, which also distinguishes between people, animals and vehicles(and even by license plate number).
  • You receive a telephone or email alert when it detects an image that matches your criteria (you instantly discover an intrusion or the passage of a vehicle on your property).
  • You can create work groups with several people so that all of you can see the images.

Although the camera is perfectly camouflaged in the environment, you can equip it with a stainless steel security box to protect it from theft and animals.

How much Renyn Systems’ cameras cost 


Phototrap cameras with SIM card can be with SIM card can be purchased from 80€ (those without an internet connection are available from 30€).

However, you must invest at least 140 euros (plus SIM card and monthly Internet fee) if you want the images not to be blurred, the cameras to withstand weather conditions (heat, cold, rain, frost, etc.) and to come with instructions in Spanish. (the others are only available in Chinese or English).

At Renyn Systems we sell the camera with multi-operator SIM card and access to the application for 107 euros (+ VAT).

This is a limited time offer, don’t miss your chance!

It is also a far superior model to others at similar prices.

And if you also want to enjoy all the functions of artificial intelligence, we offer you the renting of the camera (including multi-operator SIM with 4G connection and app access), for 20 euros per month (+ VAT).

Contact us to book it here

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