Every farm carries with it a great responsibility. Especially when it comes to real peace of mind and security. It doesn’t matter what type it is. Cottage, hunting lodge, hunting estate, construction site, farm or other rural real estate.

It is difficult to prevent theft and unwanted intrusions because of their large size, because they are in an area that is difficult to access or because you do not go there often. Choosing the right surveillance system is key. In this post we tell you which system is best suited to the security of farms and hunting grounds.

Why you need a security system on your farm


Farms and hunting grounds are usually located far from cities. Because they are out of sight, unwanted intrusions are very common. Fences, walls and other barriers are not enough. The most determined will jump over them to destroy your land with poison and pesticides.

Or to steal your production: crops and mushrooms, antlers, honey and beehives, machinery or diesel.

This translates into a significant financial loss, which can cripple your business in the long term if they take away many of your resources. And also in a constant restlessness that does not let you rest. In addition, they are usually large plots of land or with several accesses. That’s why you need eyes everywhere.

A good security system in farms and reserves allows you to have your property under control so that this does not happen. It also serves to ensure that your employees arrive on time and perform well on the job.

In other words, a surveillance system gives you the peace of mind of being at home doing what you want to do without any surprises because you know you are protected. Next, let’s see which system works best in these cases.

Which surveillance system to choose to guarantee security on farms and hunting grounds?


The ingenuity of the wrongdoers has sharpened over time. You need to be just as, if not more, rogue with a surveillance system that is up to date for today’s world and suits your farm’s security needs.

We will analyze some methods and tell you our favorite.

  • Traditional video surveillance cameras:

Video surveillance cameras usually have good image quality and operate 24 hours a day. However, they have several drawbacks:

  1. Some need wifi to send you the images (unfeasible in the field) and others fail in areas with poor coverage.
  2. You must scroll to the location each time you want to modify the configuration.
  3. You have to go through the frames one by one until you find what you want to see.

This type of camera can leave you stranded even if you have invested the money in an expensive, high quality model.

  • Motion sensors as a farm alarm:

Motion sensors are a very economical option to protect your property.

But you must take into account the limitations of this system, since it will only alert if it detects movement (if there are animals in the area, the alarm of the farm can go off without anything happening).

Since you do not have images, you do not see the license plate number of the vehicles, you do not know who is the person who enters or what he/she has done on your property.

  • Farm security system with artificial intelligence:

It would be a shame not to take advantage of technological advances for the security of your farms. Surveillance systems with artificial intelligence are no more expensive than video surveillance cameras and have an important advantage: you can set filters to receive an alarm when the camera detects people, animals or vehicles. You can even filter by license plate number.

At Renyn Systems we have been pioneers in developing a security system for farms and hunting grounds that you can control from your cell phone.

This is what makes it a revolutionary technology:

  1. It works with a multi-operator SIM card that connects to any telephone company in your area.
  2. Send the images to your cell phone in real time.
  3. It has a full HD quality camera (in addition, it adapts to weather and light conditions).
  4. Filter by day and time to avoid wasting time searching for images.
  5. You can configure the camera from your cell phone without moving.

We will now tell you in detail how it works.

How Renyn Systems’ Artificial Intelligence Surveillance System Works


This surveillance system works very easily. It combines the advantages of a full HD photo trapping camera, a multi-operator SIM card and a mobile application with artificial intelligence.

1. Install your Renyn Systems security system.

The first step is to determine how many cameras you will need to ensure security throughout your property. Contact us and we will advise you.

Installation is very simple:

  • First, download the Renyn Systems application on your cell phone and enter your number. You will receive a confirmation code by SMS that you must enter.
  • Then, you scan the QR code on each SIM card to synchronize everything.
  • Finally, you insert the SIM card into the camera.

Now you have everything you need to control your camera from your cell phone.

Renyn Systems camera installation
Renyn Systems camera installation

2. Configure your camera and alarms

It’s time to place your camera wherever you want. It is green camouflage color to go unnoticed in the rural environment and not to be stolen.

From the menu, you can configure the alarms. Create the filters you want to receive a message when your camera captures a person, an animal, a vehicle or even a license plate number.

3. Manage your security from your cell phone

The last step is to enjoy the tranquility from your home. Your images will arrive in real time to the mobile application whenever there is coverage and you will be able to swipe to see them on the app wall.

No need to keep an eye on your phone, as you will be notified if the camera detects a person, animal or vehicle according to your filters (that’s what artificial intelligence is for).

You can also share the images with other people in the Groups menu (works very similar to WhatsApp).

It’s your turn!


Renyn Systems’ system is ideal for protecting your property from theft and unwanted intrusion. Contact us and we will help you get it up and running.

Still have doubts? Contact us and we will be happy to answer you.

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